Cosmetic Fillings

Tooth decay is a very common ailment affecting all of us at some time, and when it happens, it can cause discoloration and blemishes that affect how you look and feel. Much more important than this though, these cavities can cause significant damage to your tooth structure and if not fixed on time, can lead to irreversible damage.

The need for fillings can occur for many reasons. From chipped or worn teeth, or when teeth have been cracked or broken. Dental fillings are called for mainly when common decaying has taken place. If decay is caught early enough, using a filling may delay the need for a crown or a more invasive procedure.

All fillings are designed to fill the area that a cavity has left in your tooth. However, the traditional silver amalgam fillings can look unsightly at times. At our office, we like to use a tooth-colored composite resin to create a filling which blends in perfectly with your healthy teeth.  Tooth-colored fillings (known as white fillings) can help improve the appearance of your smile, while at the same time performing their main job - restoring the strength of your tooth.


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