Porcelain Crowns

Sometimes, when a tooth’s cavity is too large, or the tooth has a fracture of significant size, a filling won’t do and dental crowns are needed. Crowns are custom-designed caps made to resemble a specific tooth. Our porcelain crowns are crafted by hand at a trusted dental lab and are made to very closely imitate your tooth’s colour, shade and light-reflecting abilities.

The material used at the lab can be produced to precisely represent the correct tint of your surrounding teeth, meaning the porcelain crown blends in seamlessly. Crowns are made with a semi-translucent material that gives them a very realistic finish, keeping your smile looking great.

When the crown is made, it will cover the affected tooth right up to the gum line and is bonded in place to restore and further protect the tooth. Dental crowns will completely encase the tooth in a way that will alleviate any further pain and restore your smile to it’s natural look. Choosing a porcelain crown means once again keeping your teeth looking natural at the same time as strengthening and protecting them.


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