Root Canals

Tooth decay leading to major cavities will not always be treatable by a tooth filling. When the soft tissue inside your tooth, which contains blood vessels, nerves and connecting tissue (known together as ‘pulp’), becomes diseased or infected, then a root canal may be a necessary procedure to avoid the affected tooth needing to be removed altogether.

Dr. Hutto can perform root canal therapy, also known as endodontic treatment, here in the office. Root canal therapy removes the infected tissues from your teeth, relieving tooth pain. The pulp and roots of the tooth are then sealed with a biocompatible compound and a dental crown or ‘cap’ is placed over the tooth for total protection.

Many things can lead to the need for root canal therapy, such as a deep cavity that has been left for too long without treatment, repeated dental procedures on the same tooth, a cracked or broken tooth or even an injury to the tooth without a visible crack. Despite its reputation, root canal therapy is a relatively simple procedure that Dr. Hutto can perform with very little discomfort, helping to restore your smile and keep your teeth healthy and strong.


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