Porcelain Bridges

When you lose one or more teeth, more than just your smile is compromised. Your ability to chew fully and even enunciate clearly can be affected, and this is something Dr. Hutto can help with when fitting porcelain bridges. As the name would suggest, this procedure bridges the gap left by missing teeth by joining a series of artificial teeth permanently to adjacent teeth.

The risk of losing functionality in your bite, potentially developing speech problems and an increased risk of tooth decay and periodontal disease are something you should avoid at the earliest opportunity. We use porcelain bridges to restore all of these functions and help you gain a confident, whole, healthy smile.

Fixed porcelain bridges consist of a replacement tooth supported by two dental crowns that are fixed to nearby healthy teeth. Just like our crowns, bridges are hand-crafted at a trusted dental lab and very life-like porcelain material is used to closely imitate your natural teeth’s appearance. A new found strength and health is matched by a beautiful smile following the fitting of porcelain bridges.


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